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Client Success Stories

Seeing the progress of our clients is what makes what we do so worthwhile! Our lovely clients never fail to impress us. 

Why don’t you scroll down to see the progress that they have made, as well as what they had to say about their journey. 

It is the best motivation anyone could ask for!


Samantha Hunter – Owner of Hunter Health & Fitness

When I started my weight loss journey, I was a single parent of 3, over 14 stone and hated exercise. I couldn’t think of anything worse than stepping foot in a gym with everyone watching, judging and being able to do exercises that I’d never even seen before, let alone attempted.
I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was doing everything in the right, safe way.
Davina came to my rescue with her fitness DVD. I also tried every single fad diet under the sun, including only drinking shakes, eating cabbage soup, and drinking aloe Vera shots. I found that none of this was helping me long-term.
I then decided to devise my own meal plan and cut down on my guilty pleasure food (including pasta sandwiches…) and it worked really well for me!
I felt amazing, more confident, and didn’t cry in dressing rooms anymore. I decided I really wanted to be able to make other people feel this way in an affordable, safe, time-effective way. This is why I decided to train as a PT and further down the line – Hunter Health and Fitness was born!


Bespoke Lifestyle Package

Holly came to me 11 weeks ago. Unhappy with her fitness levels, concerned about her health, having problems with her joints and a very unhealthy relationship with food. She was ready to make a change and joined upto an 8 week lifestyle with a goal of feeling great and confident on the family holiday she had booked 7 weeks from the day she started. 
7 weeks later Holly dropped a whopping 37.5 inches and lost 2st 7lb!
11 weeks down the line and she is still smashing goal after goal. Holly has now lost 3st 1lb and  dropped an amazing 43.2 inches!


1-1 Personal Training Session

This is my lovely client Lindsey’s half-way check point. These are her 4-week progress pictures and measurements, and her results are amazing!
Lindsey literally gives every session her all, and is always trying to progress and push herself . She has lost a whopping 1st 3lb so far and 16.2 inches. Lindsey has also massively improved her nutrition and has stuck to plan religiously.
“I never thought I would enjoy the classes as much as I do. I look forward to coming. You encourage us all so much and make the classes enjoyable. All the girls are lovely and we keep each other going. This has definitely been a life changing move for me”


Bespoke Lifestyle Package

Leanne’s ability to push herself past her limit is unbelievable. She made our sessions look effortless and really gave it her all with her nurtition plan. Her results just speak for themselves. Leanne has lost an incredible 1st 6lb and a whopping 32.1 inches so far.

“Pre pandemic I thought of myself as relatively fit, a year of furlough soon changed that though and I started to eat more and exercise less! Once the world reopened I knew I needed to get my body moving again so I joined Sam’s bootcamp but my eating habits stayed the same and I got frustrated that my body wasn’t changing. I’d seen a few women start Sam’s lifestyle plan and I could see that it worked for them so I knew I needed to give it a go and give myself the kick-start back into healthy living. It was a shock to the system at first but easy to follow and the pt sessions were fun aswell as challenging.”


Bespoke Lifestyle Package

After having a baby, Gemma decided to sign up to another 6 week package before going on holiday to get her confidence and fitness back to where it was before motherhood.
She absolutely smashed it! She is living proof that if you put your all into the exercise and stick to the nutrition plan that it really does work. Gem lost 16lb and 23.5 inches in the 6 weeks and went on holiday feeling and looking amazing!

“I gained 5 stone when pregnant, managed to lose 2st on my own with the tools I learnt from taking part in the lifestyle package before I fell pregnant, but came to abit of a stand still so decided to sign up again to have someone to be accountable too and keep me on track, also help me push past the wall, and I managed to shift another 16lb, feel fitter and confident for my hols and can’t wait to get back to it!”
*Note: The first two pairs of before/after images was after her first course, and the rest were after her second course.