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Group PT Sessions


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1-1 Personal Training

Our 1-1 personal training sessions are designed specifically to target your goals. Samantha Hunter will work with you directly to help keep you motivated and push you forward, doing bespoke exercises to help achieve your goals.

Our PT sessions are great for people who don’t know where to start and need some guidance, or for people who want to push their fitness routine further.

Bespoke Bootcamp

Hunter Health and Fitness bootcamps are designed for everyone, no matter your age or ability.

The bootcamps are run by personal trainer and nutrition coach Samantha Hunter. These can include anything from circuit based workouts, resistance training, HIIT workouts, obstacle courses, weight training, core strengthening and cardio based exercises. These aim to improve your overall fitness including strength and conditioning, mobility and flexibility, weight loss and muscle mass gain. They also include nutrition coaching from Sam Hunter.

Our bootcamps always have a fun atmosphere and a friendly environment. Our other members are extremely supportive and non judgemental. You are guaranteed to make friends whilst keeping fit at the same time. It’s a win win!

Group PT Sessions

Losing weight and keeping fit can be a scary and daunting process for some people. We believe that having the support of friends and family is the best way to push forward in your fitness journey and keep motivated. These PT sessions will help you to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your strength and endurance.

You will all support each other, see results together and have fun at the same time. So come and join!

Walk – In Membership

Once you sign up at Hunters Health and Fitness, we send you a link to our booking system and you can book yourself in as many times as you like in that month. The beauty of it is that we only allow 5 people in at a time, so it is very private, and we are always there to help and show you how to use the equipment, show you how to do exercises safely and we put workouts on the board for inspiration just in case you’re not sure what to do.

This service is available during our opening hours. Our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable, friendly experience for all ages and abilities. It is NOT a gym but a relaxed environment where you will not feel any intimidation, and you can be part of a social network that supports and encourages each other.

Bespoke Lifestyle Packages

Our 8-week lifestyle packages are extremely popular and have shown amazing results.

This package is designed for people who need help with their eating habits with goals to lose weight or just generally improve their health. Sam will provide you with a nutrition plan, which will include all the dietary/meal information you need right down to the shopping list. There are 3 different diet plans depending on your budget so there is always something for everyone.

After 8-weeks you will really start to feel the benefits of our Lifestyle plan. Take a look at our customer success stories here to see the before and after results, and hear what they had to say.

Bespoke Kickstart Packages

Need to see results fast? Our 4-week courses mean that you can see the benefits quickly.

With our kickstart package, you will be able to lose weight, improve your mental health, be healthier and gain lean muscle mass all at once. These courses consist of a combination of 1-1 nutrition advice from Sam, as well as bootcamp sessions and/or 1-1 personal training sessions. Personal training sessions included in the package can be held face to face or virtually from the comfort of your own home

Kickstart your confidence, Kickstart your fitness, Kickstart your weight loss, Kickstart a happier you!

Bespoke Breaktime Bootcamp

We understand that you may not have time to join an evening or morning bootcamp class, therefore at Hunter Health and Fitness Lounge we are starting our very first lunchtime bootcamps. These are 40-minute bootcamp sessions which are designed to fit in during your work lunch break. You will see immediate benefits, such as feeling more energised to tackle the rest of your day, less tired and stressed when you go back to work, and be in a better mood when you go to pick the kids up from school or when your partner gets home from work etc. You will also lose or gain weight and tone up in the process depending on your goals and targets.

The classes will be held at our very private and exclusive fitness lounge in Starbeck, Harrogate.

Monday: 12:00 – 12:40 

Wednesday: 12:00 -12:40

Thursday: 12:30 – 13:10

Couples Bootcamp

As they say, couples that workout together stay together! Hunter Health and Fitness offer couple classes and partner PT sessions. These are great for couples or friends who want a new hobby together, want to push and motivate each other, and want to stay fit and healthy whilst having fun at the same time.

The couples that we have on our courses really enjoy taking part. They laugh a lot but work very hard at the same time, support each other and leave more energised and in a happier mood. We believe that these sessions are the secret to a long healthy and happy relationship or friendship. They are also great to give you some extra confidence or take that first step to a healthy lifestyle.

Virtual PT Sessions

We understand that some people don’t have the confidence to work out in front of people, or maybe don’t live in an accessible location. 

We offer virtual PT sessions with Samantha Hunter so that you can achieve your fitness goals and have that one-on-one support directly from the comfort of your own home. You will have a private video call with Sam where she will guide you on your exercise, follow you through your workout and chat about your goals and expectations so that everything is directly tailored to you.

10 Minute Motivation

We are now offering a 10-minute motivation workout plan for you to do from the comfort of your own home. These are daily 10-minute work out videos created by Sam which can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. They will improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength, mobility and flexibility. They will also help you lose weight whilst gaining lean muscle mass as well as improving your mood and mental health. 

We know that not everybody can afford gym memberships or personal trainers, and not everyone has the confidence to exercise around people. These 10-minute motivation plans are affordable and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Sometimes, consistency is the key when keeping fit which is why 10 minutes of exercise 5 days a week can be very beneficial.

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